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taken-by=dave_billsborrow) — through another contestant! width=690&height=&mode=crop&quality=75" data-reactid=".22yaqhueo6c."/, so they kind of ~dated~ — in fact, he was the first guy she took on a single date, and they definitely kissed. After they broke up, Sarah started dating Daniel Small (AKA Saxon from David was the first ‘villain’ on *The Bachelorette*. He got the heavy bass music during his entrance on Sam Frost’s season in 2015, and was known as ‘David the International Model’. " data-srcset=" Leah.jpg? width=690&height=&mode=crop&quality=75" data-reactid=".22yaqhueo6c."/.

So, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that David started dating Leah, one of the ‘villains’ from Matty J’s season of *The Bachelor*.

sparks flew between Wells and his longtime pal Danielle Maltby — and fans of the reality dating competition are hoping they are giving love a shot.

Wells, 33, and Danielle, 32, are both currently living in Nashville and it was revealed that the duo went on a date together years before joining the Bachelor franchise.

We went on one date — it’s not like a chronic dating situation.

We went on one date, and I very quickly suggested that maybe we should be just friends. Jake is one of my best friends to this very day.”" data-srcset=" Jen.jpg?

“We did date for a couple of months, I swear to God it was a complete coincidence,” Luke told the [*Daily Telegraph*](

They were also spotted hanging out with Jack earlier this week.

Sure seems like Anna and Michael are inching closer to a happy modern family.

They went to the Lakers game Tuesday night and were way more into each other than the game ... Even though Sarah was loving it, we're hoping he left the hat in the store.

's Britt Nilsson and Brady Toops have split after less than six months of dating, multiple sources exclusively confirm to E! After meeting during the premiere episode of this season, which found Kaitlyn Bristowe being chosen over Britt as the Bachelorette, Brady decided to leave the show to pursue a relationship with her.

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Happy Valentine's Day @samuelrjohnston.” The two often hit the Sydney social scene together." data-srcset=" Noni.jpg?

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