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It is possible that some sites will not include this field in external communications.

AUTHENTICATION This field contains a description of which originator fields have been authenticated, and by which operating systems.

Certain message creation processes might, for example, always insert: MESSAGE CLASS: Unofficial ARPANET Message SPECIAL-HANDLING This field contains any special instructions with regard to the handling of the message at the receiver's end.

ODS are generally very stable in the troposphere and only degrade under intense ultraviolet light in the stratosphere.

In most cases, machine- readable notations have been enclosed in angle brackets () to allow easy non-ambiguous ways for automatic processes to know whether and where to look in any field. All items with the same keyword must be grasped together.

The entire specifications has been made excessively general to allow for experimentation. Section I contains the relevant parts of RFC 561 which define the basic message syntax. Please note the following: (1) The case (upper or lower) of keywords -- specifically, 'FROM', 'DATE', 'SUBJECT', 'AT', -- is insignificant.

[The usage for FROM and SENDER differs from that of RFC 561.] SENDER This field contains the identity of the person who sends the message.

This field is expected to be set by the message-creation process automatically.

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